Blended Clarity

Looking for new models
Feb 8
The winter snow is finally starting to melt...

It's that time of year again, when the snow starts to melt and outdoor photography shoots are an option again. I'm looking for new models to work with, so if you're interested in trying out some Stock Photography Modeling, let me know! (Like what you see on

You can email me at blendedclarity
No more bulk emails..
July 10
I think people are getting my emails sent to their spam folder...

So as a result, I'm changing my primary contact email address and won't be sending out bulk emails for stock shoots anymore.

From now on, if you want to participate in a stock shoot, you're going to have to check my casting calls on modelmayhem. I'll try as hard as I can to keep them current, and I'll try to keep a running description of changes on my profile page on modelmayhem so you can keep track.

Thanks for understanding!
Swim Shoot CHANGED!
June 28
I've changed this week's shoot...

Ok, so I've had some odd things happen which make me think it's in everyone's best interest if I change the swim shoot dates. I'm going to do 2 shoots, one on the 8th at 3pm and one on the 10th at 11am. The location is going to change, but will be in Utah County somewhere. So, if you're interested in doing this shoot, email me and let me know.. it's going to be mostly based on a first come first serve type thing. I'll book 6 models for each day. Please don't say you want a spot unless you will be able to make it so I can give it to someone who will come!

As for this week, I'm going to do individual stock shoots. Tell me what you would like me to shoot you doing.. and I'll pick my favorite 3 or 4, and we'll get them scheduled. I'll be trying to do 2 shoots on Thursday evening and 2 on Saturday morning-ish. Your idea can be anything, it doesn't have to be sports.. let me know what you are interested in doing! I'm even willing to drive to Salt Lake on this one if you provide the location.. I'LL PICK THE FIRST 4 THAT I LIKE, SO I WOULD HURRY IF YOU WANT TO DO THIS ONE!

So I need 2 things from you this time..
1. If you can make either of the new swim shoot dates
2. An individual stock shoot you want to do this week sometime

PS I'm going to start going through and removing models from the list that I have never heard from.. so if you said you were interested initially but haven't responded to anything, you're in danger of being cut soon... just a heads up!
Model Release Reminder
June 22
If you're under 18, you'll need your parents to sign a model release...

Or if you just want to read it beforehand, you can download it here
Would you rather (POLL)
June 21st
Vote for either Track and Field or Swimming for the next shoot.

Would you rather shoot:
Track and Field (mostly running)

Sports Interest Results
June 21, 2010
Well, I compiled the results from the sports poll...

They turned out to be quite interesting. I did a sort on them to try and figure out which would be the most valuable to shoot. I sorted by # of images in that category currently available divided by the number of interested models in doing that kind of shoot. Here are the top 20 with 3 or more interested models:

Ping Pong
Kite Flying
Track and Field
Rock Climbing

So.. I'll be deciding hopefully tomorrow the next couple of shoots. They'll likely be one of these categories.
Upcoming Shoot: "Students Round 2"
June 22nd (Tues) 5:15 - UVU in Orem
I have booked 10 models for this shoot. I've got 4 male and 6 female models coming. It's going to be fun! :)
Click above for a list of models..

1. Carly Michele
2. Amber Mahlum
3. Preston
4. Mark Anthony Baguley
5. Jared Dobson
6. Raymie lynn
7. Taylor Stephens
8. Ashley Goodwin
9. Martha Zug
10. Hailee Simpson

Same thing for this one as before. I've sent emails to participants with a Google Map to the starting location parking lot. We'll start out on the benches right by the parking lot. Bring quarters, there are parking meters.. Also don't forget to dress "studenty" and bring student supplies type stuff as well.

If you have glasses, bring those too just in case. But keep in mind with this large of a group, you may have to spontaneously put them on or remind me you have them.. or I'll forget!
Sport Shoot Models
If you're new to the list, you may not have gotten this email.. if you didn't please get this info back to me! :)

I've made a list of potential sports I'd like to shoot, found out how many competing images already exist for the categories on So now I've sorted the list based on which have less competing images, meaning that people that are looking will have a higher chance of finding ours because there is less competition.

If you would mark each sport, that would help me pick which ones we should do. Here are the markings:

X = I am willing to do a shoot in this sport
E = I have a decent amount of experience playing this sport (or could fake it well)
O = I have an outfit that is appropriate for this sport.
A = I have access to an arena where this sport is played.

So for example, if we were listing racquetball, I personally would mark:
E O A Racquetball - I did not put an X, because I'm not willing to model for the shoot, but you likely would :), E- I have the gear necessary, A- I know of a place where we could play and I think we could take photos there.

Ok, so here's the list:

Figure Skating
Marching Band
Ping Pong
Cross Country Skiing
Kite Surfing
Kite Flying
Track and Field
Rock Climbing

I'm not going to automatically exclude you from shoots if you don't mark an item, it just shows me where your interest are. I'll still email everybody about all upcoming shoots.

Thanks again for the input!!

If you have other interests that you think would do well not listed above, I'll take those too.. I'm always open to ideas! Especially if you have a specific talent that would work well in Stock!
What's this Stock Model thing all about?
Basically the idea is to create images that designers want to buy to make advertisements and things out of on websites..

...But they can be used for more than just that, I've seen stock images in print ads too. They pop up in all kinds of advertising. The idea is that it's very costly and a huge hassle for designers to hire a photographer to shoot whatever concept they might be working on. Instead, they just go and buy the type of image they want from a Stock Photo website and then use it.

I'll be splitting profits 50/50 between myself and the models for the first 2 years of image sales. EXAMPLE: I did a gymnastics shoot in early 2008, if you had been in that shoot you would have received payments totalling $274.32 for only 2 hours of modeling. So if you do 20 shoots this summer and earn that much for each shoot.. You'll be getting checks that add up to $5,486.40, Not bad money..

So what we're trying to do is create LOTS of images that involve groups of people (we'll do individual shots along the way too) doing all kinds of things. For each upcoming shoot, I'll email the details to everyone on my list. If you want to participate in the shoot, email me back and I'll make my selections a few days before we get to the actual date.

You will be required to sign a model release. If you are under 18, your parents will also be required to sign.

In my experience the more specific image, the more likely we are to get downloads. So if you have a particular talent that isn't super common, we can do a shoot based around that and reasonably expect it to do pretty well. For example, if you're a ballet dancer and have access to a studio.. that should sell pretty well.. that kind of thing. Have any questions? Email Me! :)
some results so far..