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Stock Photography Introduction
Updated Feb, 2014

What it is
Rather than contracting a photographer to setup a photoshoot for each image they need for their design, many advertising companies, graphic designers and web designers take advantage of stock photography to fill their design needs. Stock photographs can be licensed for commercial or public use. These are photographs that can be used for any purpose in marketing, advertising, or design, as long as it is not illegal or harmful.

How that affects you
Stock photography that includes people get downloaded WAY more often than ones without people. So, I'm working to increase my portfolio of stock images. I sell stock photos primarily on iStockPhoto.

So I'm looking for lots of models that are interested in collaborating in stock photo shoots.

I will typically send you 5 or so of your best images from the shoot for use in your portfolio.

I've decided that I'll give a couple of options for payment:

  1. As of right now, I'm negotiating this with the model as we go. Let's talk about it and see where it goes...

Other Benefits:
There are a couple of added benefits to doing the shoot besides earning payment.

  1. When I have a commercial paying projects come up, I typically try to use models I've liked shooting with before because I know how they come across in images and how they behave. I also know that they're reliable and serious about their work.

  2. Occasionally, I can find out where images have been used by designers. If that happens, I'll let you know and you get a cool item you can use for a tear sheet.

  3. Sometimes I'll be working on a website for my day job that can use a custom photo. If that's the case and you'll work to shoot it, I'll typically throw in a tip for the extra help you gave me that day. :)

How do I sign up?
Most often, the best way is to post a comment saying you're interested on my casting call. I'll try to post them at least 2 weeks in advance so there's enough time for lots of people to see them. I typically wait until 3-4 days before the actual shoot to decide on models so I can get the best selection possible.

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below to show me that you're generally interested. If there is a specific shoot that I think you'll work really well for, I'll email you individually and see if you can come (but I'll usually try to pick out of the comments in the casting call).

You will be required to sign a model release before participating. If you are under 18, a parent will also need to sign.

I'm interested! Sign me up!
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